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Foil Cards

Soon will be add new cards to our stock. Want any of them ( at the moment i have one of each ) please writte an e-mail/whatsapp.

All this cards have a cost of 20 Euro each

Force of Will Wheel of Fortune Survival of the Fittest Yawgmoth’s Will Lightning Bolt Wasteland Imperial Seal Demonic Tutor Intuition
Grim Monolith Academy Rector Treachery Palinchron True-Name Nemesis Polluted Delta Flooded Strand Jace the Mind Sculptor Liliana of the Veil Snapcaster Mage Tarmogoyf

All this cards have a cost of 10 Euro each

Bloodstained Mire Flooded Strand Polluted Delta Windswept Heath Wooded Foothills Yavimaya Hollow Urza’s Incubator Food Chain
Phyrexian Altar Stoneforge Mystic Ugin the Spirit Dragon Noble Hierarch
Blood Crypt Godless Shrine Sacred Foundry Temple Garden Overgrown Tomb Hallowed Fountain Steam Vents Watery Grave Stomping Ground Breeding Pool
Strip Mine Ancient Tomb Cavern of Souls Bloodstained Mire Wooded Foothills Windswept Heath Horizon Canopy
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